Self Storage Has Taken New Zealand–and the World–By Storm. Here’s Why.

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Self Storage Has Taken New Zealand–and the World–By Storm. Here’s Why.

Today, more people and companies than ever before are benefiting from self storage. As a result, more individuals than ever before are interested in self storage, and with a bit of knowledge and understanding, these people can also benefit from all that modern storage offers.

To help Kiwis learn about self storage, let’s take a look at what self storage is, how it developed in New Zealand, and what makes it so special!


What is self storage?

Self storage is, as its name suggests, a means through which a person—a self –can store any and all items. Self-storage facilities are ideal for companies with excess inventory, families with items that are best stored away from home (i.e. those that won’t need to be accessed frequently), and individuals who can use a bit of extra space, amongst others.

Besides being beneficial in terms of their convenience and storage opportunities, self-storage units are affordable to use. Contemporary self-storage companies are offering fantastic deals to individuals who want to store their items. Consequently, financial worries do not come into play when one is deciding whether or not to use a self-storage facility.

Self storage includes multiple types of units, the most common of which is the storage locker. Storage lockers are clean, well-ventilated, and secure spaces that items can be placed and stored in. Clients are given either a physical key or a pass code, and they can access their lockers—and items—at specified hours or any time of the day (depending on their facility’s rules and standards). Larger units can be rented for a more expensive monthly fee, and smaller units—that is, cubbies and/or mini lockers, not unlike those that can be rented at the post office—can be enjoyed for a less expensive fee yet.

Importantly, self-storage facilities are monitored by numerous security cameras and are protected by dedicated and professional employees.


When did self storage rise to prominence in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, self storage has, as is the case in other countries, been available for a number of years. However, also like other countries, New Zealand’s self-storage options have greatly expanded in the last two decades, and especially in the latter five years of this period. Consolidation, increased demand, a greater emphasis on customer reviews, and the rise of the internet have, along with other factors, coordinated to produce numerous self-storage options not just in NZ, but in countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Afric

Today, as demand continues to rise, so does the variety and quantity of choices offered to clients.


What makes self storage special?

A couple points and considerations make self storage so special. First, self-storage facilities are available in a plethora of different cities in New Zealand and the world. For those living in and around Auckland, Papakura storage, for instance, is a tremendous option that allows valued goods to be stored close, but not too close, to home. Moreover, that Papakura storage is available is a testament to just how many options and services exist for Kiwis to choose from. Papakura storage is accompanied by storage in plenty of other cities and locations, and that’s an awesome, awesome thing.

Also, self storage is special because it’s perfect for every budget and every schedule. From the internationally known company to the individual, self storage can be had for a small investment of time and money. If and when storage is no longer needed, the corresponding services can be cancelled in a matter of minutes.

It really is that simple, and as such, it shouldn’t be difficult to see why self storage has taken New Zealand—and the world—by storm.