• living room with timber coffee table and fireplace

Declutter Your Living Room With Self Storage

You spend a lot of time in your living room, which means that it collects those items that you use every day. Over time, piles of mail, newspapers, magazines, projects and activities may accumulate. Books, arts and crafts and games only add to the clutter. With the help of Auckland Self Storage, you can get your living room tidied and make the space more enjoyable for yourself, your household members and guests.

Remove unneeded furniture

Furniture takes up a lot of space. If your living room contains two sofas, but you only use one, take the other to an Auckland Storage unit. You may also be able to remove a coffee table, side table or uncomfortable chair if it just gets in your way, attracts clutter or rarely gets used. Taking out an unneeded piece of furniture and putting it in your Auckland Storage until you decide what to do with it clears out a lot of space in your living room.

Sort through your reading materials

Many people accumulate reading materials faster than they can read them. If you have piles of library books, paperback novels, newspapers, magazines and mail, sort through them. Be sure to shred any mail with confidential information. Read magazines within one month of their arrival. If you don’t get to them by that time, give them away, donate or recycle them. Read newspapers within three days of their arrival, and recycle them after that amount of time. Put treasured books on your shelf or in your Auckland Storage unit to enjoy at a future time.

Choose furniture with built-in storage

If it’s time to replace a piece or two of furniture, consider multi-purpose pieces with built-in storage. For example, if your current ottoman is worn, replace it with one that has a storage compartment built into it. You can stash those board games, extra blankets or dog toys into the piece of furniture and reduce the amount of visual clutter. Select a side or coffee table with a drawer or two. Use the drawer to contain the most current issue of your magazine subscriptions, your reading glasses, the remote control for the television and the novel you’re reading.


Keep surfaces clear

When you have piled on the side table, coffee table and shelves in your living room, the place looks messy. Choose one surface at a time and sort through everything on it. Consider whether you need those things or if they’re just taking up space without providing you with value. After doing an activity, put all the pieces away. When you’re done with a magazine, get it out of your house. If other people have things taking up space in your living room, give them a deadline to retrieve them. If they don’t come back for their belongings, take them to the nearest charity shop, recycling centre or put the things into the trash. Be mindful about your future purchases, including magazine subscriptions and knickknacks that don’t serve a purpose.