5 Tips That Can Help Improve Co-working Productivity

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5 Tips That Can Help Improve Co-working Productivity

The new generation of professionals has a different preference when it comes to working. Freedom, work and life balance, perks and benefits, and career path are now more important for professionals than the salary. Although most big company offices embraced this change and allowed more flexibility in the office, some companies still believe that hard work is the best policy.

With the rising popularity of freelancing, professionals now have more options in advancing their careers. As the freelancing world continues to grow, co-working spaces are becoming even more popular. To increase their productivity, freelancers are often seen in co-working spaces doing their tasks.


The Benefits Of Co-Working Spaces

Working in co-working spaces have a lot of benefits and the first one is increasing productivity. According to Business, co-working can increase professionals up to 74%. It is also the fastest growing work trend this decade. In addition to the added productivity, over one-third of professionals who work in co-working spaces feel more creative and collaborate more on projects

Co-working allows freelancers to feel less isolated in their work. It also provides a place where freelancers and other professionals alike can escape the distraction from home or their offices. More and more freelancers also work at co-working spaces in order to widen their networks.

For co-working space owners, it is important to keep their property more productive in order to attract more professionals. From the office layout to the type of furniture and fixture, all things should be considered in order to make the workspace more productive. Consider these five tips in making your co-working space more productive, and therefore, more profitable.



5 Tips In Making Co-Working Space More Productive

  1. Install customizable light

A lot of people have different light sensitivities. Some people like a bright working environment to be able to focus on their daily tasks. There are also people who like a dimmer environment or no lights at all to enhance their focus and productivity. Customizable lighting can be achieved by installing LED office lighting system in the workspace. In addition, LED lighting can also help in reducing electricity bills. The LED lighting uses less energy than a halogen or incandescent bulbs.


  1. Make a break room available

Just like in a typical office, a break room is a good idea in co-working spaces. A lot of freelancers prefer freelancing because of their freedom to take a break from work. Typical and popular amenities in traditional offices also work in coworking spaces. An example is available coffee cups and sachets, toiletries, and clean water to refill their tumblers or containers. And last but not least, provide a comfortable space where they can rest and recharge for a while.


  1. Provide storage in the workspace

Just like in traditional offices, a lot of freelancers working in co-working spaces often have a lot of paperwork with them. It is either printed in the co-working facility or either they carried it to their table. In order to organize paperwork, as well as other office stuff, the workplace must also consider providing self storages such as in Papakura office spaces.

Papakura office spaces are known for offering self-storage that can be used by freelancers and co-working users. This feature is a good option to reward loyal customers throughout the years. Integrating self-storage options like in Papakura office spaces will help in maintaining more professionals in the long run.



  1. Make the office comfortable, but not too much

Comfortability in office space is one of the important factors that affect productivity. While working, feeling comfortable will enhance your focus as well as get your mood going throughout the day. It will also help in relieving stress and charging up energy while on a break. If you want your co-working space to be more productive, installing comfortable furniture is one of the most important considerations.

However, making your office too comfortable will be counterproductive. Co-working space users might just want to relax and will likely take breaks more often, which can affect their jobs. Instead, provide ergonomic chairs and proper tables. It will not only help users focus on their tasks, but it can also prevent health problems that can affect them in the long run. Also, bear safety in mind when designing your co-working space layout and design.


  1. Connected technology

A lot of co-working users uses their own devices for their work. Providing them with ease in integrating their devices in offices is crucial. Devices available on co-working spaces should be easy to use and supports a lot of devices. A strong internet connection is also a good option.