Day Trips from Takanini, NZ

Day Trips from Takanini, NZ

Takanini lies on the shores of beautiful Pahurehure Inlet. There are many things to do here all year long. One of the delights of living in this impart of the of the world is that it is easy to explore other parts of New Zealand from Takanini. Takanini has lots of links with other parts the country. People can take their items Storage Takanini and head off to so many other places in the area. Best of all, lots of trips from here can be done in a single day. That makes it easy to take a day off and have a break from someone’s daily routine. It also makes it easy for people to head off on a weekend and discover brand new places.


hobbiton, nz

Many scenes from the Lord of Rings movies were filmed in New Zealand. It’s no surprise that the books and movies have a huge fan base. Many fans have chosen to immerse themselves in a world filled with creatures from both. Hobbiton brings this world to life. Hobbiton allows them to do just that. The attraction features many sets that were used in the movie. People can get their walking shoes from Storage Takanini and see places such as the exteriors of hobbit homes that were constructed from the movies. The Visitor’s Center offers tours of the entire set, making it easy to see what was filmed at each place. Grab a drink and a meal on your way home from at gorgeous The Shire’s Rest Café.

Waitomo Caves

tourists walking under a cave filled with water

Another worthy day trip are Waitomo Caves. These underground caves have been thrilling visitors for many decades. Today, they’re closely guarded by organizations dedicated to preserving this unique New Zealand spot. The caves are filled with glowworms, making them filled with incandescent natural light. Tours offer the chance to sit back in a boat and admire the view. They are staffed by tour guides who know the region well and can answer any question people might have about why this attraction looks the way it does. There’s also a chance to see this one on your own. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the caves before you begin. You’ll find gentle waves that can guide you across the caves.

Waiheke Island

a woman in a pool while looking at the beach

This is a great chance to get your favorite boating clothing from Storage Takanini and see one of the most admired islands in the area. Waiheke Island has plenty to see and do during the course of a stay. Boats bring people to the island from the surrounding areas. They run on a fairly frequent basis making it easy to get on board early in the morning for a full day trip. Wine lovers can opt for a tour of one of many wineries located on the island. These are small operations. As such, they feature wines that are hard to find in other parts of the country. The island’s beaches offer a chance for a nice day along the lovely local waters.