Hacks to Maximise The Space in Your Apartment

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Hacks to Maximise The Space in Your Apartment

If you have a small apartment, you need to be creative on how you utilize your space. Fortunately, there are several innovative ways to maximise the space in your apartment. This article will look at unique and simple hacks to use apartment space efficiently.

Be Organized

a woman hanging her backpack on a door hook

The simplest way to maximise your apartments space is to organise your belongings in a creative way. For instance, you can arrange your clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories smartly in a closet. If they can’t all fit in a closet, get a Storage Takanini unit. Ensure you arrange all your personal belongings in one wardrobe to make your room neat and tidy.

If you are an art enthusiast, you need to limit the number of frames on your walls. Your room may look smaller due to the many pictures on the walls. Consider putting a few of them on the wall and store the remaining ones in a drawer.


two plastic storages for donation and decluttering

Walk around your room and pick items that you haven’t used in the last one year. It is clear that these things no longer spark joy in your life, and you need to get rid of them. You can use Storage Takanini to store clothes, cutlery, shoes, and bags that you rarely use. Additionally, if you don’t plan to use some of your belongings, such as footwear, clothes, or bags, it is imperative to donate them to charities.

Natural Lighting

an apartment living room that is well lit with natural light

Allowing natural light into your room is a great way to makes an apartment airier and bigger. In case the apartment you live in has small windows, you can install bright lights. Use thin bright colored curtains to allow more natural light into your room while still promoting your privacy.

Built-in Shelves

bookshelves installed on the wall of a small study room

Besides acquiring a unit in Storage Takanini, you can maximise space by attaching shelves on the wall. Shelves are useful in storing items such as decorations. Besides adding more space, shelves can change the arrangement of your home.

Similarly, you can fix hooks on the walls to hang items, such as musical instruments and bicycles. Come up with great ideas to store items so that your apartment doesn’t look cramped.


a big closet that is being used as a divider

If it’s a one-room apartment, improve your privacy by partitioning the room. That way, you will separate the bedroom from the living room. Refrain from using permanent structures to create a partition. Instead, use hollow shelves to partition your space since they will also allow light to flow freely.

Paint Walls With Bright Colors

a cozy living room with birght green walls

Painting the walls with bright colors makes your room look spacious. It is similar to allowing natural light in your apartment. Instead of using dark bold colours on the walls, paint light and solid colours. Additionally, don’t add patterns because they make a room look compact and small.

Add Mirrors

a comfy white-themed living room featuring a big mirror and a fur rug

You have to be keen when placing mirrors in your room. If placed wrongly, they can make an apartment look less spacious and compact—place mirrors on washroom and bathroom doors and the closet to make your room look voluminous and bigger.