Home Makeover Trends to Refresh Your Home in the New Year

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Home Makeover Trends to Refresh Your Home in the New Year

The new year is the ideal time to take a long look at your home’s existing decor and give your home an interior makeover. Now is the time to bring in wonderful new ideas that will take it the next level and move on from there. Bring out those cozy fabrics from Storage Papakura and make it all anew. It’s the time to think about a brand new sofa and revamp your current kitchen. You can make it all happen with a few simple touches. Vintage style ties it all together with ease in any home today.

Cozy Fabrics

Cozy is the feel of the new year. Now is the time to think about how to bring that look into your own home. You want fabrics that let you throw away your stress the second you sit down. A series of fabrics like fleece and jersey are the right thing to add to your home. Take those cushions out of Storage Papakura and redo them in brand new fabrics. You can update that dining room set with comfortable cushions that invite people to sit down. Look for cozy fabrics that are also easy to care for so you’re not spending lots time worried about stains.

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Curvy Sofas

Curvy sofas are the in thing in the new year. Curves are a great way to bring in lots of personality in spaces that might otherwise feel boring and drab. A curvy sofa invites so many activities. You can sit back and curl up with a good book and a cat. Curvy sofas also invite people to sit down and engage in conversation with others. This is a good thing to bring to your home and help add lots of movement. The sofa is right for those who like modern design coupled with classic practicality.

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Kitchens With Color

Kitchens have been remade in the last year. You can join this trend with a kitchen of your own. Now is the time to take it and turn it into a colourful space that shows off how you feel. If you are planning a kitchen remodel, place your items in Storage Papakura and get it ready. A backsplash in a bright shade of turquoise is the idea way to connect the indoors and outdoors in the same place. Lots of other ways can add colour to the room. A painted floor cloth of your own can be individualised to your specific tastes.

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Vintage Style

Vintage style is brand new again in the coming year. Think about elements you’ve liked from other style periods in history. You can use them in your own home this year. For example, a lean fifties retro coffee table fits in nicely with a loveseat from the seventies. It’s all about mixing and matching with great confidence. You’ll find that it is easy today to think about individual pieces rather than having a specific set style for the entire room. You can also take your existing pieces and redo them. Spruce up a cabinet with a new coating.

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