Ways to Keep Entertained Indoors

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Ways to Keep Entertained Indoors

With the whole world shut in right now, you might be feeling a little stir-crazy. Needing things to do to keep yourself (and possibly any children you have) entertained requires a lot of planning ahead. If you have anything even slightly amusing in your self Storage South Auckland, now is the time to fetch it out.

The good news is that you can go to your self Storage South Auckland and fetch things without worrying about coming into contact with other people. Here are several things you can do to keep your family entertained during this time of social distancing.

Board Games

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If you have a stockpile of board games, drag them all out. Construct a tourney chart whereby participants play this or that game against opponents until there are only two people left. Those two have to have a game play-off until someone wins two of three or three of five games in a row.

If there is just you and one child or just you and a spouse at home, plan to play each game at least once and play three games a night until you have played through every game you have. You can either put the games back into Storage South Auckland when all of the games have been played, or keep out your favorites to play again.


two kids coloring on a white canvas

Colouring books for adults are every bit as popular as colouring books for children. Spend an hour a day with or without the children colouring at the kitchen table. If you are organized and more relaxed doing this activity in the family room or den, sit down and colour there. Use coloured pencils, markers, or wax crayons. It helps calm any anxious feelings you have about being stuck indoors and provides a simple form of entertainment.

Take Turns Reading and Acting out Stories

a mother telling a bedtime story to her daughter while sitting in a tent

If you have any books in storage, now is a good time to dig out all of those unread books. Better still, take turns reading the books aloud and attempt to act out the scenes in each chapter. Encourage pantomime, foreign accents, and very large movements to act out actions. The results may be very funny or very sad, but ultimately quite entertaining.

Binge-Watch Streaming Shows With Friends in Virtual Attendance

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People find ways to connect through video chat and virtual meeting services. Many people are also hosting virtual dinner parties this way, creating a fancy dinner by inviting everyone via a mobile device or laptop computer to sit at a table together. Various devices are placed at each place setting that allows everyone to see each other and have a discussion while eating dinner at their own homes.

You can also have a TV show or movie series binge-watching virtual party via the same methods. Invite your best mates to attend a virtual movie or TV streaming party. Everyone stays where they are, brings their own wine or beer, and watches from their own streaming services at home while making comments over a video chat line.