Packing Fragile and Heavy Items for Storage

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Packing Fragile and Heavy Items for Storage

Self Storage Papakura is a good idea for anyone with lots of things they no longer use. From the sturdy golf clubs you rarely use to the beautiful carving that no longer fits in with your décor, a self storage unit is the perfect place to store items you rarely use. This is not to say that you should just take everything and throw it in there. Having a nicely organised unit makes everything easy to find and fragile items are protected from any damage. How should you pack these fragile items for Self Storage Papakura? 

Invest in High Quality Packaging Materials

Sturdy boxes are very important. Carton boxes are ideal for storing light fragile boxes while wooden boxes should be considered for heavier items. If you still have the original box an item came in, it is the best packaging option. Consider using partitioned boxes so each item fits in its own compartment as well. The biggest box is not always the best! Actually, when dealing with heavy and fragile packing such boxes should be avoided. Opt for small boxes that are easy to carry without tearing.

You will also need bubble wrap to help protect each item from the impact of forces applied to it. Cardboard for creating compartments is also a good material to have ready. To fill empty spaces in boxes you will need plastic spacers or packing peanuts. Tape will help fasten the boxes while a pair of scissors will help with any cutting you may need to do. Also ensure you have markers ready for labeling the boxes.

Putting the Items in the Box

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Start by taping the bottom of the box. This will make it strong enough to hold heavy items that can be easily lifted. Next, line the bottom of the box so as to give fragile items a soft base to lie on. You may use bubble wrap, packing peanuts or any other soft material. This will ensure that the fragile items do not move around when the boxes are moved.

You will then need to wrap each item in a bubble wrap and tape securely. Avoid wrapping various items together so as to avoid items rubbing on each other. How much bubble wrap should you have around an item? The thinner the item the more the bubble wrap you should have!

Place each item into the box starting from the heaviest. Arrange everything nicely so only minimal space is left between items. Fill all unoccupied space with spacers to keep items from moving and bumping on each other. Finally, cover the box and tape the top.

Keeping Boxes in Self Storage Papakura 

Self storage should have a sense of order and this starts with how you arrange the boxes you have. Place the heavy boxes at the bottom with the lightest up. Fragile items should always be on top. You may find it useful to have shelves in your storage unit as these give more space and avoids stacking too many boxes. 

Arrange all boxes neatly in the storage unit and label them for easy access. It is also a good idea to keep an inventory of all the items you have in the storage unit. This makes it easy to get what you need when you want it.