Renovation Trends to Watch in 2020

  • a hand holding a paint roller covered in white paint

Renovation Trends to Watch in 2020

A new home renovation is the ideal way to add some personality and a brand new outlook on life to private spaces. Storage Papukara can be on hand to help with this process and make it far more efficient. Designers are increasingly responding to the needs of the modern homeowner with innovation that makes sense. It’s time to think about the each room in your home and how to make it again anew for the needs of the contemporary inhabitant. These renovations are easy to implement in your own home and get on point styling.

Lively Kitchen Color

a lively modern kitchen with green wall tiles

Kitchens are the heart of your home. Take your favorite kitchen items and put them in Storage Papukara while you explore all areas of color. It’s a chance to go wild and have fun in the process. People are finding colors like soft violet and pistachio green are a good choice that makes cooking even more fun. Add in other colors in more muted tones such as beige and grey as you choose a kitchen color scheme. The restful colors make the more vivid tones pop even more and highlight your decision to go bold.

Custom Appliances

a simple laundry room equipped with a washer, dryer and counter-top

Appliances are not only hugely function. They’re also a chance for the homeowner to show off their personality. Gone are the cookie cutter appliances that many homeowners found on the shelves. In their place are appliances designed to each owner’s preferences. It’s time to look for your personal favorites and see how to make them your own. You’ll find that designers let you impose your plans on each one with custom finishes that can show off the kind of colors you want and the features you like best. These are appliances that will last as long as you need them.

Bathroom Storage

a stunning sky-blue bathroom with a storage, mirror and counter-top

The bathroom is getting a lot of attention today. Just as you put your items in Storage Papukara, you’ll want to look at storage solutions for the bath. Designers know their clients do a lot of things in the bath including relax. This is why they’re using storage in all areas of the bath. For example, special nooks for your electronics are increasingly being seen in the tub and shower area. This allows people to get out their phone while they sit back in the bath. The area in the bath protects the phone from moisture while still letting you chat away with friends.

More Mid Century Modern

mid-century modern living room with a wide bookshelf

Mid Century modern is where it’s at even in the new year. The clean lines, warm tones and comfort this style offers continue to be at the center of home life. Designers are showing off how to fit in such styles into all areas of the home. Homeowners will find relaxing couches for the living room, lighting fixtures with lots of pizzazz and many details that make it all come together. It’s time to look to this design and see what it can do for your own home. A few touches can add incredible personality.