Ultimate Guide to Moving House

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Ultimate Guide to Moving House

No one relishes having to move house, but it’s one of those things that everyone has to endure every now and again. One reason that people often dread moving is because they simply aren’t organised enough about it. With a more methodical approach, moving house doesn’t have to be a huge, stressful ordeal. For example, having a clear plan at the beginning allows you to proceed more efficiently, and renting South Auckland Storage provides a convenient place for staging and storing belongings until moving day arrives. Read on for tips for moving house more easily and with less stress.


Make a detailed checklist

Sure, you probably know what needs to be done to successfully move house. In fact, you may have done it all before. Still, with so much to be done, it helps enormously to develop a detailed checklist of things that must be accomplished along the way. Organise it by time period for even better results. For example, create a checklist of things that need to be done prior to moving day; one of things that must be done on actual moving day; and one for unpacking and getting the new place ready. Make sure that one of the items on your checklist is renting South Auckland Storage space. If you are moving abroad consider also temporarily renting a storage unit in that country. Having a location to deliver your belongings to store your items in before you have found your new home will make your international move less stressful.


Perform a thorough inventory

As tempting as it might be to simply dump everything out of your current house into a moving truck, the reality is that moving house affords you with the unique opportunity to eliminate unneeded things from your life. Indeed, moving house is one of the best times to declutter, and South Auckland Storage comes very much in handy in that regard. Go through every item in the home, classifying it as something to be kept; something to be donated; something to be sold; or something to be thrown away. Before you know it, you will have fewer things to pack up and move—and moving house will be that much easier.


Pack and label everything carefully

Thanks to self-storage, there’s no need to literally pack everything at once, load it on a truck and move it right away. Instead, use the unit as a staging area to make packing more efficient. Clearly label each box with the name of the room where it will go; consider using coloured duct tape to designate different boxes for different rooms. Organise everything in the unit in a logical manner so that you can load the truck quickly when the day arrives.


Unpack what you want, store what you don’t

Finally, upon arriving at your new place, unpacking should unfold easily thanks to the steps that you have taken above. You may discover that you have items that you would like to hold onto but that don’t really fit into your new place. If so, consider keeping them in South Auckland Storage for now. That way, you don’t have to rush into making any big decisions about your stuff and can settle into your new home and life more quickly.