Easy Tips for Storing Fragile Items

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Easy Tips for Storing Fragile Items

Whether you’re moving fragile items to a different location, or storing them for future use, storing the items in the right way is essential. If you do not do so, your items may end up damaged. Moving fragile items can be stressful, and no one wants to deal with broken glasses or mirrors. Below are some tips from Out of Space Storage Takanini that can guide you for better storage.

Using the Right-Size Boxes

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Out of Space Storage Takanini offers some of the best dish packs and glass boxes to help in your storage. Using these specialised boxes will go a great way to help protect your fragile items, such as glasses and dishes. Right-size boxes will make sure that the items are comfortably placed and are not under any stress. As such, the chances for any breakage will be minimal.

Using Controlled Storage Units

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Controlled storage units are one of the main ways of protecting fragile items. Storage Takanini offers different controlled storage units based on your preference. It is essential to understand that temperature fluctuations can cause fragile items to break at any time. Controlled storage units are essential as they maintain the required temperatures and humidity to keep your items in the right shape.

Some items you can store using a controlled storage unit include documents, photos, and electronics. If you are not sure about the different items you have, you can seek specialised help from Storage Takanini.

Heavy-Duty Containers

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Heavy-duty storage containers are one of the most commonly used methods of storing fragile items. These containers have handles, making them convenient to move from one point to another. Some of the items you can store in these boxes include dishes, glasses, bulbs, and mirrors. Added advantages of heavy-duty containers are that they can be used frequently and are easy to stack up. It saves storage space and improves the storage conditions of your fragile items.

Use Bubble Wrap, Packing Papers, Stretch Wraps, Peanut Wraps and Foam Sheets

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You can protect your fragile items by using either of the above items. Mostly, these items act as firsthand wrappers before items are transferred to boxes or containers. In between the items, you can place foam sheets or peanut wraps that act as cushions. Using these materials will help you protect your coveted dishes and glasses. Besides, they help add a cushion on your items to prevent unnecessary damage. Apart from protecting your fragile items, the wraps will enhance storage and stacking.

Mark Storage Containers and Boxes

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When your fragile items are packed in the containers and boxes, it is important to label them as fragile. This will alert anyone who is handling the storage containers or boxes and prompts them to handle them with care. Besides, it is vital to avoid stacking up the storage containers that contain fragile items. Also, making the boxes lighter reduces the chances of any damage from happening. This eases the process of moving the items from one place to another with minimal or no damage.