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Tips for Storing your Valuables

Moving into a new apartment or home and need a secure place for all your valuable belongings? It is important delicate items, like jewellery and home decor, require careful packing and tight security to ensure the safety of valuable goods when stored to prevent damage and theft. Here are a few helpful storage tips for storing your valuables with Out of Space Storage:

1. Use Dividers in Storage Containers

When packing your valuables place smaller delicate items, like jewellery, together in a sealed container with dividers. Dividers will help prevent delicate items and jewellery from getting tangled and damaged whilst in storage. They also add as a method of keeping your stored valuables organised so they’re easy to find and unpack when required.

2.Use Foam Pads for Protection

Place items that can’t be crushed between foam pads for extra protection. Foam pads are great for storing valuable items like ornaments and glassware. Think of foam pads as “packing peanuts”. Place your items in the centre of the foam pad, then cover them with additional foam or protective materials until the entire item is covered. This will help protect both lightweight and heavy goods from damage whilst in storage.

3.Bubble Wrap Expensive Items

Bubble wrap is a safe and convenient way to pack or store valuables such as jewellery and home decor. It is the best way to protect items from damage whilst in storage. Enclose expensive and more delicate items with bubble wrap and then seal the package with packing tape in addition to using foam pads for additional protection.

Storing your Valuables at Out of Space Storage

These days, storing your valuables can be a little complicated. In addition to storing your valuables in the right environment, you also need to be mindful of finding adequate security measures for peace of mind. To keep your possessions safe from harm and damages, our storage papakura facility offers state-of-the-art 360 degree CCTV cameras, full electric fencing and 24/7 automated gates. Our storage units are also safe, dry, fire resistant, affordable and secure to ensure your valuable items are stored in the safest conditions.