The Ultimate Self Storage Checklist 

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The Ultimate Self Storage Checklist 

Are you new to self storage and unsure of how to start the process? Do you need a quick and helpful guide to get the most out of self storage? Our quick self storage checklist will help you get organised, save time and money, and also help to keep your belongings organised and tidy in the process.

Tips for Self Storage

  1. Start with making a list of the items you plan on storing in a storage unit. This acts as your storage inventory so you know exactly what is being moved into self storage and something that can be referred back to when you need to retrieve an item.
  2. Keep items that will need to be frequently accessed at the front of the storage unit so they can be retrieved with ease.
  3. You will also need sturdy boxes to store your items. Make sure the box is strong enough to hold your belongings! Also consider using protective materials such as bubble wrap or plastic containers to keep personal belongings secure whilst in self storage.
  4. Use labels to identify what is in the storage container. This will allow you to easily retrieve an item if you can remember its label or use a key system if using several boxes for one type of item (i.e. all clothing in one box). Also label a box ‘fragile’ if its contents are more delicate to avoid stacking other items on top and prevent any damages.
  5. Place the heaviest and bulkiest items at the base of the storage unit to maximise space and make retrieving lighter items easier.

Whether you’re moving house, going on a vacation or renovating your home, our quick self storage checklist will make the process of storing your items a more organised and less stressful experience.

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