Not Enough Space for a Garden? Transform Your Terrace into a Garden Oasis!

Not Enough Space for a Garden? Transform Your Terrace into a Garden Oasis!

If you live in a small home or apartment, you may think starting a garden isn’t possible. However, there are still many great options to perfect your green thumb. You can always fill your terrace with plants and vegetables, but here are some things to consider before you begin. Below are some basic guidelines to help you transform your outdoor space into a garden oasis.

What Plants to Choose

Gardening tools and materials on a deck

The last thing your project needs is plants that aren’t suited for your garden. Putting time and effort into caring for flora and fauna that won’t thrive on your terrace is only taking up your time and outdoor space. So, to determine what plants would be best suited for your garden, here are some things to think about:

How much sun does your balcony or patio receive during the day? Some plants require up to 8 hours of direct sunlight, whereas others need much less. If you have direct sunlight exposure all day, consider planting sunlight hardy flowers. You can also grow different cacti species, which love direct sunlight and require little work.

If your terrace doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight and remains shaded throughout the day, consider many plants that require very little sunlight. Many fern and ivy species are ideal for low light conditions and still provide your garden with a beautiful plant.

To grow vegetables, you’ll need a lot of direct sunlight unless you’re considering lettuce or spinach, for example. These vegetables only need a partial day of direct sunlight to grow.

Terrace Conditions

A small outdoor area at the terrace garden

To transform your outdoor space into a plant oasis, you’ll also need to consider the conditions such as the amount of heat and wind. If your patio becomes uncomfortably hot because of sunlight reflections or building material, you’ll need to choose specific heat thriving plants. If you’re not comfortable out on your terrace and need to retreat inside to cool down, your plants will need to be heat hardy. Remember that windy conditions wick moisture away from plants and require additional water to stay healthy.

Storage of Gardening Supplies

different spring and summer flowers, flower box and gardening tools on garden table

Another issue to consider is where to store your garden tools, soil, fertiliser, unused pots, and any other materials you need. A beautiful garden shouldn’t look cluttered with supplies and plant food. Storage Papakura is the perfect place to store all your supplies safely. With Storage Papakura, you’ll find you can enjoy the garden oasis you’ve created without sacrificing space to planting tools. Storage Papakura offers you flexibility and convenience so you can fully experience and enjoy your new peaceful green space.