Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home

  • succulents on coffee table

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home

A home is a place to stay. It’s also a place where you can express your thoughts and personality. Part of finding the home you like best is having the opportunity to make it to your taste. If you’re not up for a full scale renovation, you can always opt for something a lot simpler and easier. There are many ways to bring in something new to your home without going overboard and spending a lot of money in the process. A few nice touches will fit into your budget. They’ll also transform any space into the home you’ve always wanted. Keep your items safe and secure at Out of Space Self Storage for secure Storage South Auckland.

Plants Everywhere

plants on the window of the livingroom

Plants are a great way to bring in the outdoors. If you’ve been in love with plants, now is the time to bring them in. You can store those gardening tools and other plant related items in Storage South Auckland. That will keep them out of your way when not in use. Put in lots of different kinds of flowers and shrubs in your home. A potted ficus is one way to add lovely green to that corner that might otherwise feel really bland. Your favorite flowers can bloom in an arrangement on the mantle to greet your guests.

Use Fabric

a stunning living room with indoor plants

Fabric comes in so many styles and types. Take advantage of that with a few odds and ends in your home. For example, if you’ve been keeping extra fabric left over from your last move in Storage South Auckland, you can take those remnants and make something special. A small rug made from the carpet you had in your last home ties things together and adds lots of much wanted softness. Fabric you’re not using can be turned into wonderful pillows for your bed. All you need is a few plain white pillows and you can use these as new bolsters.

New Frames

a woman standing beside a mirror

Frames are a great way to add punch to that room. Examine your existing pictures. They’ll probably benefit from a brand new frame. The same is true of the mirrors in your home. Mirrors are a good choice when you want to add in lots light to a space that might otherwise feel dark and gloomy. You can head to a professional framer or opt for a do it at home on your own version. Keep your extra pictures in Storage South Auckland and then rotate them out for each season for a brand new look every time.

New Bedding

a beautiful bedroom with yellow fabric beddings

Bedding is one of those things that every single household needs. Bedding is also very flexible. You can always drape new bedding on any bed in your home. This is a good idea in response to changing weather conditions. When it’s really cold, you want the comfort of lush down comforters and plenty of other blankets. When the seasons change, you can bring on the lighter bedding. A slim quilt is just right for mild nights when you don’t want to get too hot. It also brings in a brand new look for your entire home.