What You Can’t Put into Storage

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What You Can’t Put into Storage

Self-storage is a convenient way to safely store items that you may not have a place for. Whether you’re moving, just need somewhere to hold your personal items, or have downsized and no longer have enough room for the things you want to keep, Out of Space Storage Takanini has secure self-storage options for almost every situation.

Yet, before you start packing up what you want to store, you should be aware of the types of items that can and cannot be put into storage. Normally, household items, such as clothes, furniture, toys, and recreation equipment, are perfectly okay to store. You can even store TVs, electronics, appliances, and stereo systems as well.

Below, however, is a list of the types of items and substances that you won’t be able to keep in Storage Takanini or in any other self-storage unit.

Hazardous Materials

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First, you are never allowed to store any type of hazardous materials in Out of Space Storage Takanini. Examples of hazardous materials you should not store include gasoline, cleaning chemicals or substances, paints, or any type of chemicals. You should also not store things that are explosive, such as fireworks.

Further, fertilisers, biological waster, and anything else that is toxic should not be stored in self-storage. Remember, some units may not be air-conditioned or the space may not be well-ventilated enough to store such volatile substances.


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When collecting your things for storage, you want to make sure that you are leaving out anything that is perishable, meaning that it will decompose or rot over time. You should never put any types of food in storage, including things stored in loose packaging or cardboard. This also includes milk, cereals, dairy, or animal products. Food, or perishable items, can attract insect pests and rodents, which will then damage other items that are stored.

Living Animal or Pets

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As storage units aren’t meant to be habitable by living creatures, you can never store anything that is living and breathing in a unit. Your pets or any animal should not be left in a storage unit for any reason. Additionally, plants should not be stored either, as there is no water or light to keep them alive. If it is living and breathing, it is not meant for a storage unit.

Illegal or Unregistered Items

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Last, you cannot store any illegal items in a storage unit. These includes illegal substance as well as firearms and weapons. You cannot store ammunition or any explosives, either. Further, unregistered vehicles, such as trailers, boats, or motorcycles, are generally not allowed into self-storage, either.